Secure your apps with hardware isolation

A comprehensive suite of developer tools for
Data at Rest & Data in Transit

Start building with our secure hardware and software stack

Any successful solution that wants to stay current with today’s increasing threat level has to maintain three characteristics simultaneously:

  • Highest Level of Security, as typical protection can easily be attacked
  • Maximum Usability, since most vulnerabilities occur when existing security solutions are improperly used
  • Robust Scalability, in order to handle the proliferation of mobile and IoT devices

Bluechip together with its partners have developed a next generation platform with integrated hardware and software systems to achieve these three goals concurrently. The Bluechip platform is highly secure, scalable, and available for integration into mobile and IoT applications. The platform is available for rapid development in government, enterprise, and consumer contexts.

Bluechip X4 is programmable hardware that enables mobile and IoT host devices to secure both Data at Rest and Data in Transit. BlueSDK enables direct access to the secure computing and storage functionality of Bluechip X4 hardware. Data at Rest and Data in Transit secured by SAIFE SDK.


BlueSDK includes:

  • Code generation tools for 64-bit Linux hosts
  • Simulation tools for 64-bit Linux hosts
  • A complete debugging solution
  • Code libraries for Linux and Android


The SAIFE Platform allows your apps to communicate on the world's most secure data routing platform available. To learn more, visit SAIFE’s Developer Portal.